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Comunicato stampa: Congress on "Audit activities programming period"

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the Apulian Regional administration is holding a Congress on “Audit activities at the end of the 2000-2006 programming period and in the 2007-2013 programming period – Comparing experiences” to which it is my pleasure to invite you.
The congress will be held in Savelletri (in Brindisi’s province - Puglia) on June 10th and 11th 2010, at a congress centre/hotel created at a historic farmstead.
The invitation to the congress has been sent to auditors from the European Commission’s Services DG, representatives from the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance and Audit Authorities (AA) in Italy and Europe.
The programme is currently being drawn up. The main idea is to encourage an exchange between participants from various European cultures on specific aspects of audit activities. We would therefore be delighted to receive a contribution from each of you along such lines.
We will be following up this letter with a phone call from our organising committee, in order to take bookings for the congress and provide any further details or explanations on logistical and organisational matters.
If, as we hope, you would like to attend the congress and to make a short presentation, please choose a topic of discussion from the list here enclosed (Annex I) and send an e-mail to segreteria.convegnoada@regione.puglia.it by the deadline of May 12th 2010 indicating as subject “AA Puglia – Topic of discussion” with the following details:
·         topic for discussion;
·         name and job description of the speaker at the congress;
·         contact details of the speaker
The duration of the power point presentation should not exceed 20 minutes and have to be sent to the organization 15 days before the congress.
The Apulian Regional administration will ensure the translation of the congress in English, Italian and French.
We enclose the details of a number of affiliated hotels (Annex II) where you might wish to stay during the congress period. If you wish to stay at one of these hotels, please contact the organising committee who will make the booking for you.
The Apulian Regional administration will be offering the participants lunch and dinner on conference days, and will be providing a shuttle service to and from the airport to coincide with incoming and outgoing flights, and another between the hotel accommodation and the congress centre.
Best Regards
Contact at organising committee:
  1. English and French speaking: 
Ms. Christine Szpakowski  +39 335 6728448
e-mail: segreteria.convegnoada@regione.puglia.it
  1. Italian speaking (9.30 am – 1.00 pm):
Ms. Monica Cavone +39 080 5406193
e-mail: segreteria.convegnoada@regione.puglia.it